10 simple life hacks for dog owners

Sometimes all you need is a few simple things to make things a little easier for you and your furry friend easier. Here are a few tips that will keep you on top of your game.

Dryer sheets pick up dog hairs

Trying to get rid of some dog hair off your clothes, couch or bedding? Give dryer sheets a go! Rub the sheet over your couch or wherever your pets fur is building up and see it work it’s wonderful at pulling up all the hairs. You can also use rubber gloves as they work a treat too!

Summer treats

Simply freeze some beef or chicken stock with small chunks of meat in an ice tray. Dish them out on a hot summers day for the perfect doggy ice block!

Learn to catch

Teach your puppy to catch with popcorn rather than throwing a hard ball at their face. Not only is it a fun game, they will appreciate the delicious popcorn treat!


Remove any stinger from your puppy with a credit card or a straight edge. This will help ensure you don’t leaving part of the stinger in your dogs skin.

Cover up scratch marks on wood furniture

Now this is cool. Use a walnut to cover up scratch marks on your wood furniture. The natural oils in the nut seep out when rubbed into the wood and give a bit of a touch up to your fancy furniture. Who knew?!

Stop dog hair clogging drains

Bring in the baby wipes!! One of the most frustrating clean up jobs is wiping down dark dog hair from your bathtub or shower drain. Simply put a baby wipe on the drain to stop the hair from clogging it when you wash your pooch. 

Winter paws

For those especially cold days and for pups that don’t like wearing little booties, try protecting your dogs paws by rubbing some Vaseline on their paws. Check with your vet for any allergies.

Make a tug toy from old clothes

Tie together some old clothes or sheets that you no longer need and make the ultimate tug of war toy for your dog. Way to recycle like a pro!

Baking soda on pet urine

This simple trick helps remove pet odor from your carpet. Just put some baking soda on the urine spot and leave for 20 minutes. Vacuum up once finished.  Magic!

Summer feet

Never assume the ground is the right temperature for your pup. A quick test is simply put your hand on the pavement and if you can’t keep it there for more than 4-5 seconds then it is far to hot for your dog. Carry him instead.