8 dog name stories that will brighten your day

From Snags and Bunny to Maple Syrup and Waffles, try and keep a straight face while reading about these fun and inspiring names of dogs from around Australia!

By now you’ve probably seen that Broccoli and Mumma were respectively voted as having the most original name and best story of how the name came about in Paws N’ All’s recent dog name competition. [link to winner’s article]

While we would have loved to have given away many more prizes, as a small Aussie business trying to – like so many others – navigate the COVID-19 induced downturn, we can only work within our means.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t share more of the creative names and amazing stories we received in the competition! Because great stories deserve to be shared.

So, here are some more of the dog name stories that we loved – and are sure that you will too!

Betty: “Betty was delivered to us on Betty Cuthbert’s day of passing. Betty Cuthbert was an Olympic champion and was nicknamed ‘Golden Girl’; our Betty has lived up to the name in colour and speed.”

Maple Syrup & Waffles: “I came across Guardian Angel Animal Rescue and that is where I saw a picture of a cheeky 8 week-old black Staffy x pup. I knew this little girl was going to be my new best mate. The next step was to give this cheeky girl a name, something that means sweet: ‘Maple Syrup’ – perfect! When it was time to get my gorgeous girl a friend, we were not sure how she would go with a new playmate. We welcomed an eight week-old Staffy X boy. They loved each at first sight and I thought ‘what goes well with maple syrup? That’s easy: Waffles. My cheeky pair of companions are now two and three years old and they make my life richer each day.”

Norman: “I had a beagle called Harvey. After being with my boyfriend a few years, we decided to get another beagle. He thought it would be hilarious to name him Norman. I wanted Bosley. I lost. Now at the dog park, I’m forced to call out ‘Harvey, Norman’ and people look at me strangely!”

Saxson: “I named my gorgeous boy after a young man, Saxon Bird, lost his life in a Surf Ironman Competition at the Gold Coast March 18th 2010.”

Snags & Bunny: “They are both sausage dogs & I happen to love a Bunnings snag. So why not name them after something you love.”

Taco: “My partner’s friends and I initiated a secret mission to get her a puppy… the mission was called Operation TACO (Totally Adorable Chihuahua Offspring). The operation lasted some months with secret texts and emails to the breeder… conspiring in the background under the code name Taco. When I brought the puppy home and told my partner the story, she just had to name the puppy Taco!”

Thor: “The day I was set to pick him up as a puppy, the previous owner had given him this huge meaty bone. He loved it! So we pick him up, put him in the car and head off on the hour-long trip home. The ENTIRE way home, he would not stop letting them rip. Constantly. They smelled sooooo bad. We had to pull over and air the car out at a few points! About 3/4 of the way home, he was dubbed ‘Thor, God of Thunder Farts’.”

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