Meet and greet… Jack, the Golden Retriever

Jack the Golden Retriever

At 11 months of age, Jack is still a puppy. But he’s already proving his amazing skills as a companion dog, and can sense oncoming epileptic fits without having had any formal training!

You might remember Jack as one of the finalists in our dog name competition. Here, Jack’s family shares a few insights on their golden boy…

Name: Jack

Nickname: Donk

How did Jack get his name?

Our dog Jack is training to be an assistance/companion dog for my son. He is almost non-verbal and can only say two words… both swear words.
The speech pathologist who works with us said Jack is a name my son may be able to say eventually, based on the swear words.
Our family joke (and I apologise for the bad language) is we called him Jack because you can’t call a dog st or fk!

Age: 11 months

Lives: Sydney, NSW

Breed: Golden Retriever

How old was he when he found his forever home: 2 months

Favourite food: Cabanossi

Favourite activity: Playing with his people… i.e. other dogs.

Favourite toy: A brown teddy.

Other pets he lives with: Jasper, a 2 year-old domestic short hair cat.

Most unusual things he’s chewed: A handmade timber door stop.

Funniest moment: The first time he saw the ocean… Jack ran into it and was shocked when the wave washed over his paws!

Interesting fact: With no training, Jack has been able to sense and let us know when my son is going to have an epileptic seizure.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about getting a dog for the first time? It’s lots of hard work at the beginning. But the fun and joy of your new companion outweighs the challenges.

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