About the Smart Box

Subscription boxes are the convenient new way of ensuring the family pet gets everything they need – and a little bit spoiled – without you having to worry about hunting around for appropriate, healthy treats, toys and accessories. They simply get delivered to your door.

Paws N’ All takes this a step further – we fully ‘pawsonalise’ every single box. We take everything into account – your dog’s breed, age, size, temperament and most importantly their personality – to deliver products that you need and they will love!

What is a personalised dog gift box?

Our dog gift boxes are the pawfect one-off gift for dogs, filled with healthy dog treats, toys and goodies for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or adoption day. We even have a welcome home hamper for when you – or someone you love – brings a new puppy or dog into their home!

No need to subscribe – just tell us a little about who you’re giving the box to, and we’ll work our magic to deliver them a personalised dog gift box.

When are the boxes shipped?

Dog subscription box: We take last orders on the 15th of every month (this may be earlier in December to ensure boxes arrive in time for Christmas). Boxes are then packed and dispatched for delivery one week later.

You’ll receive a notification when your box has been dispatched for delivery, so you can prepare for the waggly excitement!

Personalised dog gifts box:


Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, Paws N’ All is solely focused on supporting dogs and their families who live within Australia. But if you would like to see our boxes in your country, drop us a line and let us know!

Is Paws N' All concerned about sustainability?

The whole team at Paws N’ All believe very strongly in sustainability.

Everything we use – from the treats, to the toys, the packaging to the inks – have been chosen so as to minimise waste winding up in landfill.

Where we have to use plastics, we generally opt for corn starch and PLA, which breaks down easily in compost. We even include suggestions on how best to reuse or recycle our packaging.

How do I know the treats are healthy for dogs?

Paws N’ All was founded by dog owners and lovers, so we know the importance of quality, healthy ingredients in everything we feed our pets.

We believe in absolute transparency. For every treat, we will tell you what’s in it, how it was cured, and where it came from. We avoid suppliers who use unnecessary preservatives or unhealthy manufacturing methods, and wherever possible we only source Australian made treats and chews.

Why do boxes have a different make up?

Quite simply, because every dog is different!

At Paws N’ All, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all model, and so each of our boxes is made up specifically for each dog.

For example, a dog on a strict diet may get fewer treats, in which case we’ll balance this out with more of the other things.

So the items in each box are different, but we make sure you still get the same value in every box!

Do you have a cat subscription box?

Not yet, but this is certainly something we’re working on!

Be the first to find out about our subscription and gift box for cats when they launch by leaving your email here or sign up for the Paws N’ All newsletter.

Making it Pawsnall…

Paws N’ All is a personalised service – as such, it relies on information you tell us to make the product better, and ONLY to make the product better.


We will not sell or give away any identifiable information to any third party for any reason. We love data in order to understand our doggy customers better, so any data we publish is aggregated and anonymised, and again only used to improve our ability to source great products and inform our customers.

With your member profile, you control what information we receive, when you view it and when/if something needs to be updated. We believe in being completely transparent about what we know or infer about your pet.

Is my pet’s information secure?

Absolutely! Paws N’ All takes all information you provide to us extremely seriously. We take all reasonable steps to ensure data is stored securely and within Australia. We do not under any circumstance sell identifiable personal information to third parties. And we also do not hold credit card information – this is processed externally through certified payment gateways. You can read our full Privacy Policy here

Do I need to give feedback after every subscription

You don’t need to give us feedback every month under your subscription, but the more you tell us the better each box is going to be!

If you forget to tell us what you liked and what you didn’t, that’s ok, we’ll keep finding new and exciting treats and toys suitable for your dog.

Can I choose the frequency of my subcription

Absolutely! We appreciate that getting a box of new toys, treats and gifts every month might be a bit much for some pups – so we give you the option of having the box delievered every 2 or 3 months instead.

Will I be locked into a subscription contract?

Nope! At Paws N’ All, we don’t have any fixed contracts or agreements. We will take payment each time.

Do I need to be a member?

Our subscription box customers are considered members, and will be given their own profile and portal to make their service ever more tailored to them.


For customers buying a gift box, we do not require them to be members.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?


Both of these controls are found in the member’s portal.

If you’re going away for a bit, or you just want to wait and see for a little, then we recommend pausing the subscription. You can take it up again at any time, no pressure.

If you want to cancel – please consider letting us know if there’s anything we can do better (we thrive on feedback!). Then feel free to hit the “cancel” button in the membership portal. We will remove all data regarding your pet and your subscription.