Personalised Christmas Gift Box

Personalised Christmas Gift Box

Tell us more about your dog, and let us choose for you! Best value, and happiest tails.

Customised Christmas Gift Box

Here at Paws N' All, our specialty is choosing for each dog's needs, individually. We use reviews, breed data, vet advice and a splash of technology to choose the RIGHT treats and RIGHT toys for your dog, no matter their needs. 

  • EAT: 2-3 bags or portions of 100% Australian natural dog treats, chosen for breed, size and preference.
  • PLAY: 1-3 quality toys with a Christmas or holiday them, if approriate, chosen for breed, durability and activity levels
  • LOVE: 1-3 lifestyle products, chosen just for them!
  • An Australian-made Christmas Card, designed and made by Paws N' All  (personalised with a message if you choose!)
  • Handy fridge magnet for remembering important dates!
At least $95 in value!

Your price: $64.95