Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? Curious Questions About Your Favourite Pet, by Dr. Nick Crumpton


Brought to life with cute illustrations that appeal to dog lovers young and old, Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? answers some of the biggest questions that kids have about the family pup. A great children’s book that is both fun to read and educational about why dogs do what they do!

  • 48 colour pages with corresponding illustrations and a glossary of some harder to pronounce dog-related words; hardback cover for extra durability
  • Includes an index of popular dog breeds referenced within its pages; large fonts and short paragraphs designed to help kids with their reading
  • Words by dog expert Dr. Nick Crumpton; illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine
  • Measures approximately 31cm x 24cm
  • Recommended for: Gifts for dog lovers; children’s reading; education

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