5 pet transport services in Australia

Sometimes you need to get your pet somewhere and you can’t be the one to do it - here are 5 of the biggest pet transport service providers in Australia.

Maybe it’s a vet check-up, a grooming appointment or something bigger like an inter-state or international move.

Wherever your pet is travelling to, there are lots of businesses who’ve made it their job to look after your fur-babies on the move.

Pet transport services in Australia – Local trips

Public transport has a lot of options for pets, if time is not an issue and you can accompany them. They usually need to be crated or muzzled. For more details see our article here.

Then there are taxis. Many regular taxi services are happy to transport your fur baby. However, you’ll need to ring first to ensure you have a pet-friendly driver and be honest about the size of dogs. The usual requirements – leash and muzzle for bigger dogs, crate for smaller dogs, clean up any messes – apply.

Alternatively, there are a kennel full of companies ready to ferry your fur baby.

  1. Uber Pet

An off-shoot of Uber, Uber Pet currently operates in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Wollongong and Darwin. Meanwhile, Sydney and Brisbane are catered for separately within the Uber app. The service was launched in Australia in March 2020.

Simply request the Uber Pet product to be matched with a driver who is eligible and willing to transport you and your furry family member.

Uber Pet trips attract a $6-7 surcharge.

2. Pet Cloud Australia

Specifically designed for unescorted pets, this company operates services all over Australia.

You will need to provide a harness or crate so that your pet can be secured for the trip.

Short trips start at $25 and all trip costs can be calculated by using the app.

Pet transport services in Australia – Interstate or overseas travel

Many airlines offer pet travel services interstate and overseas, but there are companies that specialise in pet travel.

Prices vary according to the type of pet you have, their size and the distance they will travel. Remember that when travelling to most countries overseas, or coming into Australia from abroad, you pet will be subject to quarantine rules, which pet travel companies can also help you with.

3. Jetpets

Jetpets provides a door-to-door service for pets being relocated inter-state or overseas. Its in-house team includes travel consultants, handlers and vets.

The company, which has operated since 1991, has offices in each of the mainland capital cities around Australia.

4. Dogtainers

Dogtainers claims to be Australia’s largest owner-operated pet transport network and the only pet travel company to have offices in every state.

It dates back as far as 1970, when the company assisted Ansett Air Freight with pet travel.

5. Aeropets

Aeropets transport perhaps the biggest array of animals including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, ferrets, mice, rats, rabbits, ducks and goats. The company provides both interstate and international travel services.

Pet transport services in Australia in emergencies

Most vets will arrange home visits or pet pick-ups in emergency situations – call your regular vet or closest animal hospital to find out.

Pet ambulance services do exist in parts of Australia, often run by volunteers. Transport rates typically start at around $150 for a standard trip. Extras might include oxygen transport or intensive care.

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