Most popular dog breeds online revealed

Ever wondered which are the most popular dog breeds on social media? A new study by a US product maker has the answers.

California based grooming products maker We Love Doodles analysed global online searches and Instagram hashtags to compile a list of the 50 most popular dog breeds in the world 2024.

Data was collected using SEMrush and Instagram, with breeds then given a combined score and ranked based on a weighted average.

The analysis found that while larger breeds were typically searched more online, overall the biggest love is for the tiniest dogs.

Chihuahuas were ranked the world’s most popular dog breed, accounting for 1.5 million global monthly searches online and a staggering 53 million hashtags.

They were closely followed by French bulldogs, with 1.13 million searches and 51 million hashtags. Next were Pugs, with higher online search volumes (1.3 million) but fewer hashtags (47 million).

Interestingly, Golden Retrievers were found to be the most searched breed online, accounting for 2.4 million monthly searches. However, the breed has far less social media presence (43.7 million hashtags), meaning it came in fourth on the rankings.

Rounding out the 10 most popular dog breeds in the world were:

  • 5. Bulldogs (1.17 million monthly searches; 41.3 million hashtags)
  • 6. Daschunds (780,000 monthly searches; 33.9 million hashtags)
  • 7. Poodles (720,000 monthly searches; 32.6 million hashtags)
  • 8. Pomeranians (1.3 million monthly searches; 28.7 million hashtags)
  • 9. German Shepherds (1.41 million monthly searches; 28.2 million hashtags)
  • 10. Border Collies (1.92 million searches; 26.9 million hashtags)

Ironically, none of the oodles of doodles, poos and other poodle crosses that the company caters towards made the top 10. (Although as outlined above, poodles came in 7th place).

In fact, just five mixed breeds made the top 50 at all.

King of the doodles was the Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle, often called a Groodle in Australia) in 13th place. Cockapoos (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) ranked 22nd, just ahead of Labradoodles (Labrador Retriever x Poodle) in 23rd.

The others were the Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle) in 34th place and Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle) in 44th.

Combined, these five mixed breeds accumulated 3.57 million monthly searches online and 37.9 million Instagram hashtags.

Of the 50 dog breeds analysed, the gentle giant Newfoundland (similar to a Saint Bernard, yet black and white) came in last.

However, the Canadian breed – famed as a water rescue dog in its home country – still attracted over 331,000 monthly searches and 3.4 million Instagram hashtags.

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