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10 best dog movies of all time

Relive those childhood memories or see what all the fuss is about with our list of the 10 best dog movies of all time! When you think of movie stars, you typically consider those with two legs. But animals have long been part of movie magic. Just think about beloved characters like Donkey and Puss …

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Want less dog poo? Check their diet

  A US study suggests that what you feed your pup could slash the amount of dog poo you have to pick up by a whopping two thirds!   Researchers at the University of Illinois looked at how differing diets in dogs influenced their toileting habits – specifically, nutrient digestibility and “faecal characteristics”.   They …

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How to introduce your dog to chickens

  We all know dogs are territorial creatures by nature. They mark their scent on walks to say, “I was here”. And they are generally protective of their space and their family. So, introducing any new pets into their yard – especially chickens which flap and squawk and suddenly dart after a bug – carries …

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5 dog Christmas presents to spoil your pup

Who’s been the one constant for us amid all the chaos and challenges of 2020? Our dogs, of course! Here are some dog Christmas presents to spoil them as a thanks for their loyal devotion. The annus horribilus that is 2020 is almost behind us. And while words like “isolation”, “social distancing” and “quarantine” have …

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A canine carol: The 12 dogs of Christmas

In the spirit of inclusiveness for the four-legged members of our families, the team at Paws N’ All have made up our own Christmas carol… The 12 dogs of Christmas! It goes a little something like this: Woofy Christmas everyone!

Reader question: How to stop a dog from barking

“I’ve tried a lot but my boy barks at everything. How do I get him to cut it out?” Bianca asks Paws N’ All. “We’ve tried BarxBuddy, the high frequency sound clicker, but he doesn’t care. He is a Shih Tzu x Chihuahua, 16 months old and lives inside 95% of the day, as I …

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Meet the Aussie Makers: Dobby and Ben, Doggylicious

Get up close and personal with the Aussie businesses designing and making great doggy products that we are proud to stock at Paws N’ All. Today we meet Dobby and his human Ben, founders of Melbourne dog cookie maker Doggylicious. Business name: Doggylicious Owners: Dobby the English Springer Spaniel and his human Ben Whyatt Business …

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