Angus is the co-founder of Paws N' All, and the resident technical, operational and logistical help that makes everything tick.

Angus Stewart

Rafi’s Box

Rafi is a sweet little Havanese with a naughty side – he gets destructive the moment he’s no longer the centre of attention!

Katie’s Box

Katie is beautiful dog who goes anywhere with her Dad and likes nothing better than to be curled up at his feet. Not much of a player, unless Dad’s involved.

Paws N’ All Fair Day Launch!

Paws N’ All are excited to be launching the business at the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day. We’ll be showcasing our unique offering with a doggy show bag, where you – and your dog – get to choose what to include!

Jasper’s Box

A gentle old soul, Jasper doesn’t understand that he has to slow down due to his arthritis. A little nervous and anxious, particularly around storms.


Katie is a lovely older dog who just adores being where her family is. Smart and social, she keeps an eye on everything and enjoys a good walk, on her…


AKA "Coops", "little man" Cooper is by the most dapper Cavoodle you ever will meet. Always there beside you, or behind you, or on top of you, doing his thing....…


Ex-show dog, with the attitude to boot. A sturdy little chap who struts around the place, and loves to play with labradors, meaning he is anything but dainty. Rafi's Story…


Meet Jasper, a senior gent of 10 years who has only started to quieten down and enjoy the easy life. He still bounds around like a puppy, but regrets it…


AKA "Mad Meg", "The Megaliser", "Meggles" They say brown labs are a bit more bonkers than others. This one is not just bonkers, she's another level. Full of love, and…
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