dog marriage proposal: Will you marry me?

How to include your dog in a marriage proposal

Nothing says love like dogs and getting engaged, so why not combine them! Check out these ideas for the pawfect way to include your dog in a marriage proposal.

Including your furry friend in your engagement proposal might just be the ultimate way to lighten the mood and give a little extra playful love to your special moment!

But if you’re stuck for inspiration on exactly how to go about it, check out these ideas for an extra special marriage proposal your dog can be part of.

How to include your dog in a marriage proposal

  • Tie a ring with a bow to their collar and ask your partner to call them into the room.
  • Teach your dog to fetch the ring box with a special code word.
  • Go for a bush walk to a secluded picnic spot with your dog.
  • Jump online to arrange a dog jacket, bandana or collar printed with ‘Will you marry me?’ on the back.
  • Place some flowers around your pooch’s collar with a ring attached.
  • Attach a love letter to your dog’s collar and ask your partner to retrieve it.
  • Secretly bury the ring box in the yard (don’t forget where!) and teach your dog to retrieve the buried treasure.
  • Write ‘I love you’ in the sand at the beach and have your dog lead your loved one to the spot.
  • Surprise your beloved along their favourite dog walking track.
  • Get a ring of a different kind – one that is actually a dog toy!

Things to consider as part of the surprise


When including your dog in your marriage proposal, ensure they’re not anxious, stressed or overexcited on the day (even if you are!):

  • Practice before the big day with your dog.
  • Have water and treats on-hand to reward them for their help.
  • Groom your dog beforehand. A groomer may even be able to give you a special ribbon or bandana especially for the occasion.
  • Avoid fireworks, crowds or loud noises as you pop the question (perhaps rethink New Year’s Eve). This could frighten your dog and detract from the special moment.
  • Arrange for a family member or friend to take your dog home if you plan to have a few celebratory drinks or dinner afterwards.
  • Dress your dog in weather-appropriate attire; you don’t want them to overheat in all the excitement.
  • Anything you attach to your dog’s collar must be safe and securely fastened. Avoid anything small enough for them to chew and swallow. Plus, you don’t want your dog snacking on the ring! (It wouldn’t be the first time a dog has swallowed something they shouldn’t!)
  • Check with your local council, restaurant or activity operator to make sure the location or activity you’ve picked for your proposal is suitable for dogs.
  • Take your pup to the toilet before your partner arrives and/or you pop the question to avoid any unwanted smelly distractions stealing your moment!
  • Chat with your vet if you need tips on the suitability of your ideas on how to include your dog in your marriage proposal.

Having your dog involved as you pop the question is a really special and memorable way to propose. Afterall, who wouldn’t love not one but two of their favourite companions popping the question!

Just remember, dogs are not always predictable and even the best laid-out plans may not go exactly as you’d hoped. Stay calm and be ready for a day of lovable moments, laughter, and a whole lot of sloppy kisses!

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