5 benefits of a dog subscription box

Given we offer a subscription service at Paws N’ All, we’re clearly big fans of the subscription model. Here are 5 reasons why we think you’ll love a dog subscription box too!

Subscription services are rapidly increasing in popularity. They cover everything from TV and movies (think Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and Disney) to insurances, meals to cosmetics. So it’s not surprising that subscriptions are growing in popularity for pets too.

But if you’ve never come across a dog subscription box before, you may be a bit unsure about the benefits it offers you as dog parent. Here are the 5 biggest benefits:

1. Convenience

This was one of our main motivators behind establishing Paws N’ All. As dog parents ourselves, we hated the huge amount of time it took us to go trawl through websites and go all the way out the nearest pet store – which wasn’t so near! – to find products that were safe, healthy and relevant for each of our pups and their different needs.

Having a dog subscription box delivered right to your door every month, second month or quarter – or how often you want to receive it – saves you big time. You save a huge amount of time and effort, and save money on fuel too. So you can spend more time enjoying life with your dog!

2. Value

Because dog subscription box providers buy goods in bulk, we get better prices than if you were to buy all the contents of your subscription box at the shops or online yourself. And because we don’t have expensive stores to maintain, we can pass those savings onto you, our customer.

It means more dollars in your pocket, without sacrificing the quality of toys, treats and other goodies your dog gets to enjoy!

3. Customisation

When we launched Paws N’ All, we weren’t happy with the dog subscription boxes that were available in Australia. Much of the “value” they contained was just free samples and discounts on other things we didn’t need or want.

Worse still, it was pretty much the same stuff sent to every dog. But we all know that every dog is different! So their boxes should be too.

Hence our name – a play on the word ‘personal’. Because we personalise, or customise, every box to suit every dog. So they get everything they need and love, and nothing they don’t.

4. Buy Australian

Want to buy Australian made wherever possible? Want to support Aussie-owned local businesses? We hear you!

Pet shops only stock a limited range, due to both cost and space constraints. But dog subscription box providers can access pretty much any product in the market. That includes ones that aren’t sold direct to the public, and others handmade by small businesses in small quantities.

At Paws N’ All, we work hard to support other small businesses here in Australia wherever possible. We only stock 100% Australian made treats. We try to find Australian made or designed toys and other products. And we try to introduce you to Aussie brands you may not have heard of before which you’ll love.

It’s all about giving the underdog a fair go!

5. Sustainability

Last but definitely not least is sustainability. Think about the last things you bought for your dog: how much plastic packaging was there? We can almost guarantee it was a lot!

So what is a dog subscription box provider like Paws N’ All doing to be more sustainable? Well, unlike most other pet stores and dog subscription box providers, we:

  • ensure any packaging with our brand name on it is as eco-friendly as we can get. Our boxes are recyclable cardboard; our treat plastic wraps and bags are made from compostable corn starch.
  • use biodegradable labels, shipping bags and packing tape – meaning they and even the glue on them break down easily.
  • only stock dog waste bags that are fully biodegradable (because some marked ‘degradable’ only break down into microplastics!)
  • use twine made from natural fibres instead of plastic ties.
  • only issue electronic receipts (by email) so as to minimise paper use.
  • use solar power on our premises.
  • recycle all cardboard, paper and soft plastics that are sent to us.
  • try to work with suppliers on being more environmentally friendly with their packaging too.
  • even include recommendations in our boxes on how best to dispose of the packaging.

It’s a journey and there’s always room to improve, but we’re dedicated to being a sustainable business and minimising the harm on our environment!

So there you have it! A dog subscription box can save you time, effort and money – all while helping you buy local, buy Australian and be more sustainable. What’s not to love about that?!