5 dog Christmas presents to spoil your pup

Who’s been the one constant for us amid all the chaos and challenges of 2020? Our dogs, of course! Here are some dog Christmas presents to spoil them as a thanks for their loyal devotion.

The annus horribilus that is 2020 is almost behind us. And while words like “isolation”, “social distancing” and “quarantine” have become the new normal, our dogs have been by our side day after day.

In fact, most have loved the extra companionship and attention with us spending more time at home!

Here are five dog Christmas presents that your pup will love to receive this Christmas as a thank you for being there for us, like always:

1. Their own Christmas stocking

Festive Christmas stockings filled with their favourite treats and toys make great dog Christmas presents. Not only do they get pampered with goodies they love – they get to partake in the present-opening on Christmas morning with the rest of the family!

Dog Christmas stockings come in a range of sizes and designs. You could go for a paw-shaped stocking like the one made by Kong, or something more traditional that you relabel as theirs.

However, our favourite stockings are these gorgeous bone-shaped ones pictured above. They’re handmade here in Australia and come in two adorable doggy-themed designs.

2. Doggy day spa

Why not treat your dog to a pamper session at your local doggy spa.

Depending on your budget, they could enjoy a haircut and blowdry, get their nails done, have their ears cleaned or take a long, soothing bath.

Alternatively, you can get a mobile dog grooming service to come to you!

Either way, they’ll be looking their best and smell sweet as a rose in time for the big day.

3. Dog-friendly holidays

We all enjoy a getaway – and that includes our dogs! So dog-friendly holidays could be the way to go, as a Christmas treat not just for your dog, but for the whole family too.

It could be an escape to the beach or a farm stay with new sights and smells. Perhaps a riverside campsite or luxury hotel treat. Or simply a roadtrip to see family and friends.

No matter your budget or preference, there are plenty of options when it comes to dog-friendly holidays.

You can find dedicated sites online such as Holidaying with Dogs and Pupsy where you can search dog-friendly holidays. Alternatively, more generalist holidays sites like Stayz feature some dog-friendly options too. TripAdvisor even has an option to search pet-friendly hotels among its list of amenities.

4. Bake up a storm

If you’re on a strict budget, homemade biscuits and cakes make great dog Christmas presents.

Have fun with them and get create. You can use cookie cutters and cake moulds to make them doggy-themed, such as in the shape of a dog or a bone. Alternatively, you can decorate them with dog-friendly icing.

If you do decide to make your dog Christmas presents, be sure to find dog-friendly recipes. Certain foods you eat are toxic to dogs, such as chocolate, sultanas and raisins, so don’t just use your own favourite recipe!

5. A customised gift hamper

As far as dog Christmas presents go, you can’t be a Christmas gift hamper – complete with festive box and wrapping!

Try a Dapper Dog gift box or really treat them – and local Aussie businesses – to an Australian made gift box!

Alternatively, you could choose to give them a fully customised gift box, where all the goodies inside are hand-picked just for them – their favourite treats, toys and other exciting finds.

How you treat you dog this Christmas is up to you – because you know them best. But after a challenging year when they gave us love and companionship when we needed it most, it’s important we reward them in return!