Meet the Aussie Makers: Dobby and Ben, Doggylicious

Key points:

Get up close and personal with the Aussie businesses designing and making great doggy products that we are proud to stock at Paws N’ All. Today we meet Dobby and his human Ben, founders of Melbourne dog cookie maker Doggylicious.

Ben and Dobby of Doggylicious

Business name: Doggylicious

Owners: Dobby the English Springer Spaniel and his human Ben Whyatt

Business location: Melbourne, Victoria

What does your business do: We provide moments of happiness between dogs and owners with delicious cookie treats.

Where are your products made: Made in Australia and proudly so!

How long have you been operating: Since May 2020

How many people do you currently employ: 1 human and 4 dogs

Why did you get into this particular business: Doggylicious hated that large companies mass produced treats using ingredients that lack any nutritional benefit, and made treats from questionable ingredients.

What sustainability measures have you implemented in your business: We use ingredients that are fully sustainable. One ingredient we use is egg shell powder: egg shell powder is a natural source of calcium. We also use awesome ingredients such as hemp, which is amazing for dogs.

What are customers most surprised to learn about your business: That it is run by dogs. We like to keep it this way as there’s less politics in the office!

What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve experienced in this business: It’s always good when humans try the treats. They are 100% human grade, but it’s always fun to watch their reaction.

What pets do you currently share your life with: Ben shares his home and bed with 2 English Springer Spaniels, Harry and Dobby.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why: A dog that gets fed and treated well. Life would be good.

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