Meet the Makers: Dan and Corina, 4CYTE™ and Sashas Blend™

Get up close and personal with the Aussie businesses designing and making great pet products. Today we meet Dan Bright and his wife Corina, the duo behind Interpath - maker of joint health supplement brands 4CYTE™ and Sashas Blend™.

Business name:

Interpath Pty Ltd


Dan and Corina Bright

Business location:

Our head office is in Ballarat, Victoria

What does your business do?

Research and develop products primarily for joint health. Our most well-known products for animals would be 4CYTE™ and Sashas Blend™ and for humans Osteo Restore®

How long has your business been operating?

The business was established in 1998

Where are your customers based?


How many people do you currently employ?

Directly, we employ 16 people

Why did you get into this particular business?

Because our dog Sasha (pictured below), a Roti cross, at 11 years of age started slowing up and we were not satisfied with the products available at that time to help her. So we decided to develop a better option, and did – Sashas Blend™.  Incidentally, Sasha lived to 18 years old – amazing for such a large breed while maintaining very healthy mobile life!

Where are your products made?

In a number of GMP registered factories in Australia and internationally.

What sustainability measures have you implemented in your business?

Recyclable packaging and sustainably harvested ingredients.

What are customers most surprised to learn about your business?

The large volume of internationally-recognised research we have undertaken.

What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve experienced in this business?

Undertaking training in a non-English speaking country to an audience of over 300 knowing most if not all did not understand a word I was saying! And then being told it was the best training session they had had.

What pets do you currently share your life with?

Our dogs Kelpie Jayda, 8, and Weimaraners Rocco, 4, and Pippa, 1; and our cat Moggie Dillion, 12.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I’m happy being a human; but there is a jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii that can live for ever. Maybe a gene from that could be interesting!

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