Most popular dog breeds in Australia in 2020

Which breed of dog is the most popular in Australia right now? And how do crosses compare with pure breeds? All is revealed in 2020’s list of the 20 most popular breeds and cross-breeds.

Compiled by Pet Insurance Australia, the list of most popular dog breeds in Australia is a veritable who’s who of well-known breeds.

Interestingly, though, almost half of those to make the top 20 list are crosses, suggesting that they are now on a fairly even keel with pure breeds.

“These designer breeds have certainly taken off over the past 10years and are proving very popular with pet owners around the globe,” the insurer’s Nadia Crighton says.

“That is no surprise, considering their lovely natures and beautiful looks.”

COVID-19 has seen dog ownership and pet adoption rates soar this year, both in Australia and worldwide.

“It will be interesting to see if this affects the breeds mentioned in our Top 20 Dog Breeds [for] 2021,” Ms Crighton adds.

The full list of Australia’s most popular dog breeds, according to the pet insurer, looks something like this:

  1. Cavoodle
  2. Maltese Cross
  3. Labrador
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Golden Retriever
  6. Border Collie
  7. German Shepherd
  8. French Bulldog
  9. Kelpie Cross
  10. Labradoodle
  11. Cavalier King Charles
  12. Spoodle
  13. Jack Russell Terrier Cross
  14. Miniature Dachshund
  15. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  16. Border Collie Cross
  17. American Staffordshire Bullterrier
  18. Golden Doodle (Groodle)
  19. Jack Russell Terrier
  20. Pug

How does this compare to last year?

In 2019, Pet Insurance Australia’s list of most popular dog breeds only went to 10, rather than this year’s 20.

For the most part, it was very similar to 2020, with most breeds coming in the same or similar ranking.

There was change at the very top of the list, with the Maltese Cross and Cavoodle jostling for the top two spots. In 2020, the Maltese Cross came out ahead of the Cavoodle – a reversal of last year’s ranking.

But two new breeds made an appearance this year. The French bulldog, renowned for its beautiful big ears, came in eighth spot. Meanwhile, the Labradoodle came in tenth spot. Neither breed appeared on the list at all a year ago.

Australia’s 10 most popular dog breeds of 2019, according to the insurer, went like this:

  1. Maltese Cross
  2. Cavoodle
  3. Labrador
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Border Collie
  6. Golden Retriever
  7. German Shepherd
  8. Kelpie Cross
  9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  10. Jack Russell Terrier Cross
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